Communication & Marketing Advisors


All KCG Communication and Marketing Advisors each have more than 10 years of experience in senior level or executive roles within  Fortune 500 companies, government, health care, information technology, trade, logistics and other industries. Our team of advisors provide high-level, retainer-based counsel and solutions  involving problem solving, strategic planning, issues and policy management, and crisis communications and support for C-Suite level executives and other decision makers at mid-size or large companies.

Communication & Marketing Consultants

KCG’s reputable group of specialized communication consultants consist of public relations, marketers, graphic designers, videographers, web masters, and SEO specialists, who will evaluate and provide custom packages, on a timely basis, for your company’s most pressing needs.

Utilize our team of affordable experts at an hourly or project-based frequency to extend your existing communication and marketing team without incurring absorbent costs traditionally associated with health benefits, retirement plans, training/retention expenses for onboarding employees.

Managed Services


If you’re a decision maker at a mid-size or large company, KCG provides a new, Managed Service option to integrate all our services into your company instead of you having to create a traditional and costly marketing and communications department.

This popular and highly recommended option provides your company with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, mobility, and cutting-edge solutions to thrive in today’s most competitive industries. By selecting this option, KCG can drive your entities’ public relations and marketing efforts with a much higher return on investment than creating your own PR/marketing department.